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FFF Your Car Today. It's Fast, Fair & Free!

  • Thank you, Jay, for the wonderful service. Grateful that you had the patience to explain everything every step of the way. Every thing happened so quickly… Read More

    - Shama Begum   
  • I was totally blown away by the service of Mr Leon. So sincere, effective and personable!!nnThank you Leon and keep up the great experience you offer!!… Read More

    - Adeline ChloĆ© Siow   
  • Awesome experience with Herman, Glad that I found this platform where I sold my car at the best price i could find in the market. Very patient and flexible… Read More

    - Roy Ong HongDa   
  • Very pleasant experience working with Carsome. Jay connected with me on the same day I registered my wish to sell my car on their website. He is very… Read More

    - Tan HK Beth   
  • Herman and Jay from Carsome were extremely professional and very patient with me even thought I had a very difficult car to sell. They put in a lot of… Read More

    - Kelvin Leong   
  • Thank you so much for the prompt response, Herman. You managed to touch base with me really quickly. Truly hassle free Read More

    - Geraldine Goh   
  • Got to know these guys thru the internet and decided to try my luck as i was looking to buy a honda vezel x to replace my Lexus is250 as i needed the… Read More

    - Boey Mao Jie   
  • My husband and I just got married but still manage to get a car thanks to Carsome! The team put in a lot of effort to cater to our budget and helped filter… Read More

    - Charissa Low   
  • Efficient service. Thanks your help for your swift service and polite customer service Read More

    - Louise Loh   
  • Great Service and Promt Follow Up!nEnhances the process of selling your car. Read More

    - Ron Lau   
  • Great service, great response all the time! nnThanks! Read More

    - Calvin Loh   

How Selling Works?

It's possible to sell within 72 hours!
  • Set Appointment
    2 Minutes

    Submit your details. We'll give you a call to verify the details & schedule your car up for bidding.

  • Vehicle Bidding
    3 Hours

    Bidding among our certified used car dealer network.

  • Vehicle Inspection
    45 Minutes

    Inspection on your car will be carried out at the dealership of the highest bidder.

  • Vehicle Bidding
    1 Hour

    Final offer will be given on the spot based on actual car condition. If agreed upon, transaction will be done immediately.

Why Choose Us?

Because we're FAST, FAIR & FREE!
  • Carsome
    Best offer via dealers' bidding.
    Haggling & more haggling.
  • Transparent bidding system.
    Uncertain and doubtful on offers.
  • Complete sales in 72 hours.
    Lengthy selling process.
  • 100% free with no hidden charges!
    Wasting time & money with uncertain results.

About Carsome

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seek your answers here
  • How do I sell my car on Carsome?

    Carsome offers you the smartest, easiest and best way to sell your car at a fair price. No more wasting your time by advertising your car and start saving yourself plenty of troubles by avoiding the haggling and other hassles.

    All you have to do is enter your contact details, last 5 characters of your NRIC/FIN number and your car license plate number into our online form here and our friendly Carsome team will call you up after the LIVE bidding results are out.

    Your car will be put up for bidding by Certified Carsome Dealers within 1 day - and ONLY if you're happy with the offer after the auction closes, we'll proceed with the transaction. Don't worry about the processes - we'll facilitate the entire process to ensure that you face zero hassle. :)


  • Why should I choose Carsome?

    Carsome is the quickest and easiest way to sell your used car. Save yourself plenty of time & effort, and get the best offer for your used car based on a LIVE bidding platform by Carsome Certified Dealers.

    Your benefits from choosing
    · Our service is 100% free-of-charge
    · Hassle-free from advertising your used car online and dealing with potential buyers
    · No time-consuming process of answering calls and making appointments with potentially (not-seriously) interested buyers
    · No risk of devaluation while you try to sell your car
    · Fair offers, easy process and quick payment 

  • Is there a transaction fee that I have to pay?

    No, there is no transaction fee at all. Carsome's service is completely free-of-charge for you.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Once you've submitted your contact details, last 5 characters of your NRIC/FIN number and your vehicle license plate number, our Carsome team / representative will give you a call after the LIVE bidding results to present the offer and if you are willing to accept, an appointment will be made to inspect your car for transaction. 

  • What documents are required?

    Please prepare the following documents and bring them with you to the inspection appointment: 
    - Original NRIC/FIN
    - Transaction pin (unopened) from LTA
    - Outstanding bank loan documentation (if any). Failure to provide this during the inspection appointment might slow down the transaction process (up to 48h or more)

  • Couldn't find any answers? Click for full FAQ