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Today, most buyers will want to ensure that their hard-earned cash is well-spent on the latest safety features for their cars. But many new safety features come with specific names and jargons, and that could be a challenge for new…read more »

With the rising popularity in SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) and larger people carriers, consumers now are flooded with car terminologies that can be confusing to understand. At the base of this lies the choice of drivetrains – components that deliver…read more »

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Since G-Vectoring Control (GVC) was introduced in the 2017 Mazda 6, it has since been included as standard for all its vehicles. While it is mostly known as “the” Mazda technology that aids in the driving experience of the brand’s…read more »

In today’s crowded cities, the most common sight that we see everywhere is heavy traffic and roads jam packed with vehicles. Traffic is hectic, and distractions are all around us, and other drivers or pedestrian’s driving behaviour affect us too.…read more »

The updated inventory of Mazda’s line-up now comes with G-Vectoring Control (GVC), the first technology in the SKYACTIVE – VEHICLE DYNAMICS series. Before that, it’s beneficial to back track and understand how all this came about; through Mazda’s relentless pursuit…read more »

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Audi's new, more efficient All-Wheel Drive System. Credit: caranddriver.com Before, the AWD system was seen as a means of performance – in that it provided the much-needed traction for cars of superior power output to translate into sheer acceleration without the…read more »

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Just last week, a reader wrote in to ask about the abbreviations for a few common car safety terms, namely ABS, TSC and ESC. They wanted to know what these magical letters meant, and why they are important in vehicles…read more »

In such situations, use your brain, not your head. Credit: wifflegif.com It’s 8am and you’re dragging your feet to get to work. It’s been a struggle getting out of bed and motivations are constantly at all-time lows. You huddle yourself…read more »

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When it comes to driving, competency behind the wheel is necessary but there's more to safe commuting than just driving. We think that your ability to see out and around the vehicle, to anticipate what's ahead and happening around you…read more »

Previously in our article on What is – Auto Stop-Start System, we talked about what it was, how it works and briefly, its origins. As the system gains prominence, even amongst our local manufacturers, we decided to weigh in on the…read more »

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