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Credit: mediacorp.sg Heavy downpours are no stranger to this region. While it may not necessarily pose a direct threat to our well being as commuters, not taking sufficient precaution when driving under such conditions can invite unsavoury repercussions. A vehicle's…read more »

Credit: bimmerforums.com Despite our country implementing an immensely strict approach to the modification of our cars, it has not deterred most of us to embrace our inner petrolheads to take things up a notch with aftermarket accessories on our vehicle.…read more »

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the effects of glut fossil fuel consumption, the automotive sector in particular hasn’t been short of measures to ensure that their vehicles produce more mileage per tank of fuel. One of them, possibly…read more »

When it comes to the sale of a car, majority of us just want to get rid of them as soon as we can get acquire a decent offer while some may look for ways to improve the mechanical aspects…read more »

In our previous posting, we explained the different aspects of a wheel and its form of measurements. In this article, we focus on what the effects are, should you decide to upgrade to bigger wheels. Bigger doesn’t always mean better…read more »

Credit: detailingworld.co.uk Everything that’s new is always given that much more care and attention than it probably requires. Take a new car for example – it would be washed every week, the exhaust tips would be scrubbed and the air…read more »

Singaporeans love toying with their cars; there’s just no question there. Whether it’s with stickers or spoilers, chrome bits or body kits, the abundance of aftermarket options make it a temptation that’s hard to resist; ESPECIALLY for first time car…read more »

Accidents on the road happen rather frequently than expected. It could just be a light knock from the car behind or you couldn't brake in time. Sometimes these things become even worse when someone decides to beat the red light.…read more »

Tags : Driving, Tips
How many of you while in traffic have noticed drivers seated way too close to the steering wheel for their own good? What were your thoughts about them?  We’re willing to bet that some of you would’ve mentally whispered something like,…read more »

Credit: milesautoelectrical.com.au Car batteries. It is the most commonly known car part that requires a replacement approximately every two years, or for most when it completely loses its charge. The latter usually happens more often, leaving quite a number of…read more »

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