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BMW Group is on an electrification offensive. In the company’s 2016 annual report, the brand set out to be the leader in electrified vehicles, set by an initial goal to sell 100,000 electrified units by the end of 2017, which…read more »

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A mere three months after the introduction of the eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf, the brand has pulled the covers off the latest iteration of their more powerful and sportier Golf – the 2021 GTI.     Exterior design The design of…read more »

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Porsche is one of the few sportscar companies that has an illustrious car model history supported by an even more successful heritage in motorsports. The world’s largest race car manufacturer has a record 19 wins at the prestigious 24 Hours…read more »

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As covered in Part 1, the progression and innovation for lighting in Mercedes-Benz vehicles have come a long way. From 1886 to 2010, the brand has gone from candlelight, to carbide lamps and bulbs. Part 2 looks at the present-day…read more »

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Before the invention and widespread application of the electric light, fire and candles were the light source. It is one of the earliest and portable methods used by people to light the way in the dark. When it came to…read more »

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Volkswagen has premiered the all-new eighth generation Golf in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is hard to imagine that since its debut in 1974, over 35 million units have been sold globally. This makes the Golf the most successful European car for…read more »

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Apart from the focus of EVs at this year's 2019 Tokyo Motor Show for quite a number of brands, a few highlights stood out for us this year.     Alpine A110S Credit: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) Alpine makes…read more »

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Honda Motor has premiered the all-new Jazz at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show. The all-new Jazz is scheduled to go on sale in February next year.      The new Jazz will come in five different types so that customers…read more »

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Mazda has unveiled its first mass-produced electric vehicle, the MX-30 at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.     The MX-30 is the brand’s third new-generation model that aims to offer an experience that allows the driver and passengers to relax,…read more »

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The XC40 Recharge is Volvo’s first ever fully electric car and the first model in its Recharge car line concept. Based on the XC40 small SUV, it also runs on a brand new infotainment system powered by Google’s Android operating…read more »

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