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BMW has unveiled the first ever 2 Series Gran Coupe that joins the brand’s four-door coupe siblings like the 6, 4 and 8 Series range. As customary, there’s a strong focus on a design that’s bold, sporty and with emotionally…read more »

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Following up from BMW’s series of short films, the brand is back with another one that tells the story of freedom, ingenuity and engineering skill.   Thousands of exhibits in the Berlin Wall Museum on Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, commemorate the history…read more »

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VW has created a uniform global 360° brand experience which the company says is more modern and authentic. The new Volkswagen logo with its flat two-dimensional design is clearer and has been reduced to its essential elements. Visually, the design…read more »

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Ferdinand Piëch, Volkswagen AG’s former chief executive and chairman has passed away at age 82. He was known to be instrumental in transforming the German carmaker during financial troubles to acquiring brands such as Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini amongst others.…read more »

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Bugatti has reclaimed the world record once again with the Chiron. This means that they are the first manufacturer ever to break the magic 482 km/h mark for a pre-production vehicle. This record comes two years after the 0-400-0 km/h…read more »

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Chevrolet’s latest 2020 Corvette is undoubtedly the best made; not only in looks, but underneath as well. The first-ever mid-engine Corvette has been improved in performance, technology, craftsmanship and luxury. While you might digress on the fact that the latest…read more »

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First known only as the Type 130, Lotus has now unveiled the Evija (pronounced ‘E-vi-ya’), a fully electric hypercar with a target power output of 2,000 PS (1,973 hp) and 1,700 Nm of torque. Yes, the numbers are completely out…read more »

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There are no other ways to wow an audience than to have an ad that is well made. To showcase Hyundai’s global debut of the Venue SUV, the company recently released an advert that does an introduction like no other.…read more »

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  Learn more about the latest 2019 BMW 3 Series here! If you prefer sleek roadsters, the new Z4 from BMW turns heads! Or catch up on BMW's 5 Series infographic here!   Sell your car through Carsome and get a…read more »

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For Volkswagen, the Passat is one of the brand’s most popular vehicles to date. With the 30 millionth Passat on track to leave the assembly line this spring, the updated eighth generation Volkswagen Passat will see major technical improvements in…read more »

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