Number plates; to most of us, they’re just there for the sake of legally having the car on the road – and so that cops or speed cameras have something to record. We’re sure that if it’s possible, we’d all…read more »

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Getting stuck in a jam everyday on your way to work isn't a choice, it's a ritual. You get up early, brush your teeth, get changed, drink some orange juice, maybe grab a slice of toast or two and bolt…read more »

In an age where everything is done via remote, sensors or through the net, it comes as no surprise when cars of today can provide such a luxury if you can afford them of course. Here’s a few cool car…read more »

Whether it's wearing your company uniform or putting on something presentable for the office be it casual, chic, stylish or dapper, you take your time to look your best. You get into your car at 7.30 in the morning and…read more »

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When servicing your ride, how many of you are confused by the lingo used by the mechanics out there? You know, fully synthetic oil, mineral oil, engine treatment oil and the list goes on and on. It may get confusing…read more »

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Interested in recovering some costs through carpooling?   Owning a car may be a costly affair. Toll charges, parking charges, maintenance and not to mention, yearly insurance and road tax cost. It all adds up to a huge sum. If…read more »

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In most cases, commercials are something to fast forward through on a DVR or are much ignored online. But in the case of the Super Bowl, where commercials becomes appointment viewing, some companies will go through great length and budget…read more »

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As Chinese New Year’s approaches, finds out some life hacks tips and also common superstitious believes that will make your trip back home safer and easier.  Many of the superstitious for cars are actually applied from existing superstitions and…read more »

  Driving can sometimes be dangerous, with the amount of potholes, road raging drivers and misleading signs making you an accident waiting to happen. So it may seem surprising to some of us city-dwellers that there are roads much worse…read more »

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  With the invention of cars came the problem of where to park them. Especially in cities, you’d be hard pressed to find parking. And when you do, you’re likely to get blocked by double or even triple parking. It…read more »

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