18 Most Creative Christmas Decorated Cars
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Tis’ the season to be jolly, and decorating your house can get you into the jolly spirit of Christmas. But what about decorating your car? You’ve probably seen people going really overboard with their Christmas decorations for their house and making the electric utility company very happy at the same time, but what if we took that enthusiasm and try to decorate cars instead?


Believe it or not, there are some who go to great lengths to do just that, and we’re not talking about some simple reindeer horns or just a Christmas gnome planted on the car. Let us share with you some of these creative ideas people used to spread the holiday joy to people on the road:


1. I'm Blue…Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dai


2. Smooth As Ice


3. It’s the Christmas Bug!


4. It’s Not a Car But It’s Still Pretty Awesome


5. The Sleigh You Need For Christmas


6. No Santa, You Don’t Have a Valid License!


7. Not Sure If Snowed In or Really Creative


8. Who Says Christmas Trees Are Only For Houses?


9. You Can Also Just Stuff the Tree into the Car


10. This May Actually Just Be a Popcorn Machine


11. With this Much Light, We Don't Think You Need to Use the Headlamps


12. When Your Friend Says That He’s Going Green, But He Doesn’t Mean Being Eco-Friendly.


13. A Trip to the Snowy Mountains Anyone?


14. In Soviet Russia, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Rides You


15. Naughty or Nice? Be on Santa's 'Smart' List Instead


16. This Might Just Be From a Different Universe


17. How’s the Hood Glowing?


18. ‘A’ for Effort


Now that you’ve seen some amazingly creative Christmas decorations on cars, aside from the last one, did that get your creative juices riled up? If you feel like decorating your car, or perhaps you’ve done so in the past, do share them with us as we’d love to see what you’ve managed to pull off.


From all of us here at Carsome, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our beloved readers.


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