4 Fictional Cars You Can Actually Buy
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We’ve seen the movies, and we’ve watched the shows. We’ve seen the cars, and we’ve fallen in love with them. It’s probably a common dream for most of us to dream of owning a car that we see on the screen. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like Batman, or like you own a Transformer? We’re here to bring you the good news. You can actually buy your dream fictional car, and take it for a drive around town. While you do need to fork out a bit of cash, we’re sure you’d be satisfied with these cars available for purchase.




Who doesn’t want to travel back in time, and in style? All you need is a bolt of lightning, and a nuclear reaction to send you into the fantastic future, or the beautiful past. The Delorean, or the Delorean DMC-12  is one of the most recognisable fictional cars in the world of automobiles. Used by Doc and Marty for shenanigans in the future and the past, it’s certainly a car that would get you attention on the roads. The price? We’ve seen cars sold under USD10,000 to prices of around USD45,000.


Convert that to Malaysian Ringgit, and you might get it for around RM30,000 to RM120,000. Do remember that you’ll have to add import duties, and maintenance costs might be a tad bit higher due to unavailable parts. Also, as a disclaimer, you’d need Doc’s tech to actually get it to travel back in time. We’re not sure what happens if you have lightning strike your very normal Delorean, but we wouldn’t want to be too close when it does.


Batmobile (the Tumbler version)


If you’ve enjoyed Nolan’s dark, gritty and soar-throat version of Batman, you’ve probably dreamed of driving Batman’s missile-launching Tumbler. Well, you can have your dream come true right now. For the price of USD1,000,000, or RM3,274,000 (at time of writing), you can get a street-legal replica of the Batmobile, without the missiles.


While it might not be a practical car for doing non-essential things like parking, driving through tolls, or heading for a drive-through at McDonalds, you’d have an awesome ride to your Halloween party. The best part? Even if you have to sell off your house to get this one, you can live the life of the Dark Knight, by spending your days in it. We’re sure that pretty soon, you’ll sound like Christian Bale in need of Strepsils.


The Ecto-1


When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, you know who to call. The Ecto-1 replica ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and can be bought at USD199,995, or RM654,784, not including import duties and taxes. With the Ecto-1 at hand, you’ll be able to bring all your proton blasters with you whenever there’s a Pontianak around. On the downside, you’ll have to get your suits and your equipment separately, which may cost you extra on this incredible bargain. We’d also like to advise you to never cross the wands when you’re on your ghostbusting adventure.




This one’s pretty easy to find, seeing as how most of the cars in the Transformers movies use actual cars. Bumblebee was one of the more popular Transformers in the movie, despite not having an actual voice. While you might not get the actual transforming action in your car, or have your car drive by itself, you can own a car that looks like Bumblebee.


Throughout the films, Bumblebee has been based on a Chevrolet Camaro, ranging from the 1977 model, to the 2014 concept model. While the actual film ones are difficult to get, especially since some of them are concept models or customised, you can get a normal Chevrolet Camaro in Malaysia. For a 2011 model, the average price range is around RM320,000. For a price of a small condo, you can get to feel what it’s like to sit inside a car that looks like a Transformer. You can add an Autobot logo to help make it feel more authentic.


If you can’t afford any of these cars, you could always make do with what you have. For example, you can make transforming sounds when you have a Proton Inspira. Or purchase your cars in black to feel like you’re driving a Batmobile. And if you can’t decide on the car that you’d like to turn into your dream car, we’re here to help you. Just check out our database of cars available, and soon you’ll be turning your choice car into your very own dream car.


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