5 Must Do’s For the New Year
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The New Year is almost here, and everyone is busy getting their resolutions, their lists, and their must do’s. Be it going to the gym and losing a few kgs, or confessing to a potential love interest, everyone’s got something they want to get done in the year to come. That’s why we have a list of must do’s for our fellow drivers. These are some things we think ought to be useful for you in the coming year, so read on!


1. Getting a Dash Cam


Accidents are part of life. Eating that extra chocolate was an accident, adding salt to your coffee was an accident, and your life might be an accident. While some accidents may lead to great things, like a discovery of science or an important moment of history, they are more often linked to negative consequences. And if accidents can happen to important people, we’re bound to have at least an accident or two when driving. Touch your wood if you have to, but it’s the simple truth.


What can you do about these accidents? Sometimes, accidents just happen, especially when you’re driving on the road. No matter how much you prepare, you might not be able to avoid another friendly driver who’s just a tad bit tipsy. What you can do, however, is prepare to protect yourself legally. You need witnesses. You can’t always have someone vouch for you, and more often than not, humans are just not that reliable. That’s where your dash cam comes in. Handy for accidents, and great if you need some interesting footage to upload to social media. The footage they record can be used for police reports, and insurance claims.  


2. Road Trip

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While many of us are waiting to go on our long holiday abroad, or are just returning from an exotic country with family or friends, there’s actually still much to see here in Southeast Asia. And the best part is, it’s all just a drive away. That’s right, we’re asking you to go on a road trip to the grounds of our neighbour, Malaysia. You can begin your adventure by visiting all the Northern states first, starting with Johor, and then make your way to Perlis, Terengganu or Kelantan.


Creative culinary creations are all around; check out the delicious spread in Ipoh, enjoy the savoury delights of Penang, and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Melaka. And if anyone asks you if you’ve been overseas, it's not a lie if you said yes.


3. Off-Roading


As a follow up to an epic road trip, why not plan one that’s not on a road? If you enjoy the rough and tough adventure of the outdoors, you might love it in a car. After all, there’s more technique to it than just flooring the accelerator on patches of mud. If you can make the time for it, and if you have always wanted a car for the outdoors, there’s nothing stopping you.


The best way to start is by learning about your car. A good, reliable 4x4 will have the functions to get you through most environmental obstacles, but it is best that you know your car and how to drive it. And you’ll want to know how to drive at certain angles and if your car has the ground clearance to pass those obstacles in your path. The Mitsubishi Outlander is a good way to start.


4. Learn Basic Car Repairs


We know, we know. Most of you are experts on cars already. But for those of us still untrained in the ways of the car, it’s a good resolution to know more about the vehicle you’re driving. For some things, you need a mechanic. For other simple basics, you might be able to do yourself.


Here’s something you can try; learn how to change your engine oil. It’s simple enough. Or try changing a tyre; it’s an essential thing to know when your tyre goes flat in the middle of nowhere. There’s always the internet for basic tips, and then if your mechanic is nice enough, you can ask for some pointers.


5. Claim the Best Offer for Your New Car


Buying a new car is, for most people, a hassle-filled and troublesome process. First, choosing the car. You’ll have opinions from your significant other, friends and family, while reading endless conflicting thoughts on the internet. Even when you decide on what you want, there’s the issue of actually collecting the car you want. At the car dealership, there’s the ever-charming salesman to talk to. After a back and forth discussion for an hour, you get the price you want, but you find out that the lower price is for the basic model.


The future is online. Everything you need is a click away. In the years to come, shopping may completely move online. And that’s about to include shopping for cars. When you claim a deal online with Carsome, you’re booking your slot for the best deal possible, without the negotiations. You already know what you’re getting, without the tiresome hassle.


We’re sure that you have many more things related to your car that you’d like to get done in the New Year. So why not tell us about it? Drop us a comment below, or share the article!


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