5 Ways You’re Washing Your Car Wrong


Washing a car should help give your car a little shine. But most of the time, you’ll end up scratching your car if you do it wrong. So, what can you do? Here are some tips to help you out.


1.    Sponges and Scratches


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On a good day for a car wash, you’ll bring out the old sponge and bucket of water. Or you might have a new free sponge from that bottle of car wash you just bought. The thing is, you’ve been doing this wrong. Sponges are great for plates and dishes, no doubt, but they may not be the best idea for your beloved car.


After driving for a week, your paintwork has dirt and grit particles stuck to it. When you use a sponge, these particles get stuck in between the sponge and the paint. And when you sweep your sponge across your hood, you’re going to leave a thin scratch. Imagine if you did this in a circular motion all over your car, you’d have tons of swirl marks everywhere. 


2.    Wash Mitts are It


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Wash mitts one alternative to sponges that will reduce the amount of swirl marks. Wash mitts are deep pile, which allows for absorption of dirt particles. This means that you won’t be getting as many scratches as the typical sponge. However you should note that you may still have swirl marks even with a wash mitt, as those darn dirt particles may still be there. Lambswool or sheepskin wash mitts are good options to use.


3.    Sharing is not caring



Saving water is good. In hazy days where rain only come once in a while, water is indeed a valuable resource. However, using a single bucket to rinse and wash at the same time is not so good. As you wash your car, your wash mitt is sure to pick up all the dirt particles from your car. And when you put back in the bucket for more shampoo, you might still have the particles.


Or you might even be picking up more dirt particles from the dirtied water. What you can do is have one bucket of washing liquid, and the other with clean water. When you wash the car, rinse it in the clean water first to lose the particles, and then use it in the washing solution for more shampoo.


4.    Shampoos that will do



If you’re at the typical supermarket or hypermarket, you’ll notice aisles and aisles of car products. And this includes rows of shampoos that never seem to end. Though it boils down to personal preference in the end, there are a few things you can look out for when choosing one. For example, you’ll want no harsh detergents that will damage or strip the paint and wax. Plus, a shampoo with good lubrication will reduce the risk of scratching. 


5.    Wash it right



Gentle is key when washing your car. For example, the pre-rinse should be with a softer spray instead of a high pressure attack. If you have a tough spot, don’t scratch it out. You may need a specifically stronger cleaner for that spot. When drying, pat it instead of wiping across.

So that’s it folks, some great tips to keep your brand new car from Carsome, looking like the day it was delivered. 


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