7 Things You Need To Do To Your Ride For This Chinese New Year
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As Chinese New Year’s approaches, Carsome.my finds out some life hacks tips and also common superstitious believes that will make your trip back home safer and easier.  Many of the superstitious for cars are actually applied from existing superstitions and beliefs people have from their home. Credit to csphotoaday for the car-aw-some cover picture.


1) Cleaning the car inside and out

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Just like how spring cleaning is done to a house before New Year, cleaning the car before the big day has to be done for the same reason too. Not only will this keep the car clean and shiny, on the first day of New Year, the believe that sweeping and cleaning during the first day of New Year will sweep good fortune away. 


2) Avoid using black cars

A less common believe, but still relevant. Some Chinese avoid using black cars during Chinese New Year for the fear that the inauspicious colour will bring bad luck, just like how some avoid wearing black clothes during this festive season.


3) Decorate your car

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If you're stuck with a black car, Try some CNY decorations. It would keep the mood up when you’re traveling back for the New Year’s. Angpow packets, or some red vinyl sticker along the car will not only bring up your CNY spirit, but also encourages other drivers on the road to be joyful about the season as well.


4) Wind down your car window

While it is not a practical believe, it has to be said that opening your window on Chinese New Year will bring good luck to those coming into the car, imitating the belief that opening the windows at Chinese New Year’s day will bring good fortune to the house.     


5) A pair of oranges on the dashboard

The oranges symbolises that the owner of the car is looking forward and is ready to welcome the New Year. Also, many believe that the pair of orange will bring good luck and it also makes a good decoration too.


6) Bring some Snacks

As some of you know, the New Year’s season is one of the worse time to travel back. One tip to ensure that you are always on top of your Chinese New Year mood is to bring along some snacks for the trip. Be it, mandarin oranges or pineapple tarts, these snacks will keep the kids filled and also fill you with the Chinese New Year spirit when you head back home! Credits to KWGLS for the awesome food pictures. 


7) Burn a CNY Mix tape

Everyone knows that a good mix tape makes or breaks a road trip. Going on a road trip without a good mix tape is like sitting down with your mother in law and listening to her talk about her morning market routine. A good mixtape is a necessity, so go get your playlist updated now! Or just use our playlist over at Spotify.


Have we missed out any superstitions or life tips that you know of? Discuss with us in the comment section below!


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