Best Car Commercials for 2016 Super Bowl
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In most cases, commercials are something to fast forward through on a DVR or are much ignored online. But in the case of the Super Bowl, where commercials becomes appointment viewing, some companies will go through great length and budget to come up with a creative advertisement to sell their products in the 30-second spot. Rumor has it that it cost $5 million to air something up for 30 seconds - so let's take a look at the list of Super Bowl advertisements that we find interesting this year. 


1) Audi - Commander

This Audi advertisement, which combines the space age with David Bowie's Starman, puts chills into everyone's spine. The story is about a retired astronaut that lost his enthusiasm in life. Everything changes when his son shows up with the key to the 2016 Audi R8. The advertisement nailed it, right down to the cut of older man and his younger astronaut self. 


2) Hyundai - First Date

Kevin Hart is known for his comedic sketches and his movies for being the funny tough guy. In this advertisement, Kevin takes a role of a dad - watch him go all overprotective in the commercial with Hyundai smart tracking feature. We hope that your (future) father-in-law isn't like Kevin.


3) Mini - Defy Lables 

Mini is tired of being stereotyped as the sort of car the consumers thought it is marketed for. In this advertisement, they are trying to showcase the buyers of the Mini where anyone can drive it without being stereotyped. The Mini is indeed the car made for the mass and not just for the (mini) girls.


4) Hyundai - Super Bowl Ryanville 

According to Super Bowl's advertisment meter, Ryanville was one of the top adverts in this year's Super Bowl. This is the first time in 26 years that a car manufacturer has beaten big giants like Budwiser and Dorito's. Take a look at the video and you'll know why.


5) Toyota Prius - The Longest Chase 

Toyota proudly showcases their newest 2016 Toyota Prius in this advertisement. Toyota Prius car chasing scene has been an inside joke for the whole world since the movie Horrible Bosses. Watch how Toyota embraces that joke and makes it into a kick-ass commercial. 

And to remind you about that scene from Horrible Bosses, here is the clip of the scene that we are talking about:

Comment and let us know which is your favourite - and if we've missed out any awesome ones, share with us!




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