Brief Guidelines to Modifying Your Vehicle's Appearance


Despite our country implementing an immensely strict approach to the modification of our cars, it has not deterred most of us to embrace our inner petrolheads to take things up a notch with aftermarket accessories on our vehicle. But living in a "fine city", things do get a little sticky when the LTA deems the modifications, implemented to our own personal taste and liking, unfit. 

So what are the guidelines to say, adding on a spoiler? How big is too big when we decide to change our rims? Here are some brief and concise recommendations that we've compiled for when you decide to change your Bumpers, add on some Side Skirts, a Bigger Spoiler and upsize your Rims and Tyres.



When changing or modifying bumpers, choices are aplenty but compliance has to be met. The bumper must be of a design that’s approved by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Secondly, installation methods must be in line with those recommended by the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. It should also not have protruding corners and edges that might endanger the well-being of pedestrians.



Looks good, no doubt about it. But are you comfortable with collecting fines like some people collect stamps? Credit: / us-vip magazine

As we all know, side skirts provide a vehicle with a lower and esthetically meaner stance. Such irresistible prospect may lure us to go beyond the recommended specifications.  However, it should be noted that the installation of it on a vehicle should comply with the product manufacturer’s recommendations.

They should not stick out laterally from the body of the vehicle and again most certainly shouldn’t have sharp edges. Most importantly, the lowest point of the side skirts should not be in contact with the road surface at any time.



While the significant clearance wouldn't obstruct our rear view, it still most certainly wouldn't fly with the authorities. Credit:

Unless we’re trying to reach out to extra-terrestrials, the aftermarket spoilers they shouldn’t be protruding from the body of the car, whether laterally and/or longitudinally. Another requirement is that these spoilers or wings should not have any sharp corners or edges and most importantly as it is higher than the usual factory spoilers, it shouldn’t be obstructing the driver’s view in any way.




The upgrading from original-sized rims to aftermarket rims should be within the scope of the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Tyres deployed should be of the correct width, the right profile and diameter that correlates with the rims.

Similarly, it is also a requirement that the rims and tyres not protrude laterally from the vehicle’s body. The combination of rims and tyres also shouldn’t be altered from that of the original. High performance tyres such as slick tyres and off-road tires for rugged terrain are not allowed for normal road use.


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