Electric Cars Get A Boost Thanks To Tax Revision
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In an earlier report today by the Straits Times, the LTA has decided to reduce the carbon emissions factor of electric cars by 20 per cent, one that will see a better adoption of these electric vehicles in Singapore.


A map of the available Greenlots SG charging network in Singapore. Credit: Greenlots Singapore/ Google

The new emission factor for electric vehicles will be now fixed at 0.4g CO2/watt-hour, a 0.1g down from the 0.5g currently. It states that this factor is to account for the carbon dioxide produced from the production and distribution of electricity, and will take place during the duration of the VES (Vehicle Emissions Scheme) that is based on a rebate and surcharge according to the vehicle's CO2 emission levels. Nevertheless, the CO2 factor has been strongly opposed by electric car advocates as no similar factor has been taken into account for the production and distribution of petrol, diesel or natural gas.


But as with electric cars, the reduction is currently still a positive one for carmakers as most will be able to qualify for the top tax rebate of S$ 30,000 under the Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme and S$ 20,000 under the VES. This revision is said to also benefit plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV).


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This article was first published on the Straits Times here.

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