Everything You Need To Know About Singapore's Largest EV Car-Sharing Programme!

Early last week, the Straits Times reported about Singapore’s electric vehicle (EV) car-sharing programme with Blue Solutions. The company and their fleet of BlueSG EV cars will have a soft launch of the mobile app-based car-sharing programme in August. What are the details so far? Read on to find out.


How did it start?

In June 2016, BlueSG Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Bolloré Group (the world’s largest EV car-sharing operator) signed an agreement with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Economic Development Board (EDB) to operate a nationwide car-sharing programme with a fleet of 1,000 EVs.


What is the agreement about?

Credit: Singapore Straits Times/ Ariffin Jamar

That BlueSG will operate the programme for ten years and install 2,000 EV charging points – of which up to 20 per cent will be open to public use. The charging points will be the foundation of Singapore’s EV charging infrastructure. The initial goal during the agreement was a first batch of 125 BlueSG cars with 250 charging points in HDB towns like Ang Mo Kio, Jurong East and Punggol by mid this year. But in the recent report, it will now only start with up to 20 cars in five to 10 locations. But Blue Solutions MD for Asia & Middle East Franck Vitte is confident in reaching 1,000 EVs across 500 locations in four years. The goal is to deploy EVs in every HDB town by 2020.


How will it work?

The full electric car sharing programme will be a one-way system – where users pick up the cars and return them at their destinations (as opposed to the two-way system where users return them to their original stations). Basically it provides commuters an additional form of transport where public transport or taxi’s are not so. It will more of a self-drive taxi than a rental service.


How much will it cost?

Credit: blue-solutions.com

Charges are most likely to be lower than taxi fares, beginning from a few dollars for the first 15 minutes, followed by per-minute charges. And frequent users will enjoy lower rates.


What cars will be used?

Credit: bluecar.fr

The two-door, four-seater hatchbacks are similar to the ones used in the brands operations in France, USA and Italy. It is known as the Bluecar and is designed by Italian manufacturer Pininfarina. It features lithium-metal-polymer batteries with a range of 250km.


Who will benefit from the service?

“Over 1.7-million driving licence holders, with a potential of 1.2 million users,” says Franck Vitte.


What do you think about this programme and its benefits for Singaporeans? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!


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This article is a combination of the Straits Times report here and the LTA here.

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