Must Know: NEW Car Park Charges
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Public car park charges and Season Parking schemes will be increased from 1st December 2016.



The last price hike took place in 2002. Prior to that, increments took place in 1993 and 1989. All the increments have been 10%.



The HDB claims that car parks have been improved substantially over the years. Amenities such as landscaped decks, electronic parking systems and lifts have been constructed since then. Also, it's partly because operations and management costs of these car parks have increased alongside a rise in cost of labour and construction of them due to inflation.



Public Car Parks & Short-term parking in HDB and URA car parks

INSIDE Restricted Zone / within Designated areas nearby the Restricted Zone - increase by S$0.20 to S$1.20 per half-hour. This includes areas like Orchard, CBD, Rochor and Outram.

OUTSIDE of Restricted Zone / outside Designated areas close to the Restricted Zone - increase by S$0.10 to S$0.60 per half-hour. This applies to majority of the residential areas in Singapore.


Season Parking Rates for HDB car parks


1st Car Park Lot 
Surface Parking Lot charges up from S$65 to S$80 /month
Sheltered Parking Lot charges up from S$90 to S$110 /month
Equalised Parking Lot charges up from S$75 to S$95 /month

2nd and subsequent Car Park Lots (same household or non-residents)
Surface Parking Lot charges up from S$65 to S$90 /month
Sheltered Parking Lot charges up from S$90 to S$120 /month
Equalised Parking Lot charges up from S$75 to S$105 /month

Restricted Zone

Surface - up from S$140 to S$165 /month
Sheltered - up from S$160 to S$190 /month

Designated Areas
Surface - up from S$125 to S$150 /month
Sheltered - up from S$140 to S$170 /month


Season Parking Rates for URA car parks

Residential Season Parking for 1st Car
Surface parking lots up from S$65 to S$85 /month

Commercial Season Parking INSIDE Restricted Zone
up from S$140 to S$200 to S$165 to S$200 /month (Surface)
up from S$170 to S$220 to S$190 to S$220 /month (Sheltered)

Commercial Season Parking OUTSIDE Restricted Zone
Surface parking lots up from
S$80 to S$125 to S$90 to S$125 /month

Other changes for charges on HDB and URA car park 

Whole day parking up from S$10 to S$12 /day
Whole day parking in RZ/DA up from S$16.50 to S$20 /day

Monthly parking up from S$300 to S$360 /month
Monthly in RZ/DA parking up from S$460 to S$552 /month

Night parking up from S$4 to S$5 /night




The HDB and URA will be sending out letters to notify all season parking holders of the new parking rates by September 2016. The coupons will be available at HDB branches and Service Centres, URA Centre and coupon agents such as petrol stations and 7-11 outlets beginning early October 2016.

Motorists using Public Carparks will have to use these new coupons from 1st December 2016. The old coupons can be exchanged for new ones where motorists will have to top up on the value difference.



....or cycling. Credit:

No changes on motorcycle parking charges. Time to forgo the steering wheel and get used to handle bars people!


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