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Recover Some Costs Through Carpooling
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Interested in recovering some costs through carpooling?


Owning a car may be a costly affair. Toll charges, parking charges, maintenance and not to mention, yearly insurance and road tax cost. It all adds up to a huge sum. If there's a way to monetize your route to your office or destination, wouldn't you want to jump on that opportunity? Well, with RYDE, it s possible. RYDE offers car owners the opportunity to split fuel cost with riders. What is RYDE all about?‚Äč


RYDE is Singapore’s number one carpooling mobile app which connects drivers to riders travelling a similar route and gives people access to a car without having to own one. It gives passengers a cheaper alternative to move around and a more comfortable option than public transport.

The app works by using GPS technology to match drivers with riders going the same way. It allows riders to post advance requests, indicating their pick-up time and location. Drivers can also post ride offers. RYDE’s proprietary algorithm calculates the price based on variable costs of petrol, depreciation and maintenance. At the end of the ride, riders contribute cash directly to drivers to split the cost of the trip. How convenient is that?


Compared to public transport whereby commuting is usually a case of solitary affair, sharing your ride can be a totally new experience as you will be meeting new people and even getting opportunities to make new business contacts. Imagine the great stories from people whom you have yet to meet!


According to some of the drivers and riders from the RYDE network:

You will never know if your next carpool companion could be your karaoke buddy! I found mine!” - Wilson Bay (Driver)

I was looking for a new opportunity to experiencing carpooling. RYDE presented that opportunity to me. I got the chance to meet new people, new make friends and do my part in reducing carbon footprint.” - Gabriel Woon (Rider)


If you’re concern about safety, be rest assured because RYDE focuses on member verification through the submission of photo IDs. There is also a community self-policing mechanism where members review each other after every trip.


By carpooling, empty seats are optimized and this helps to reduce cars on the roads. With lesser cars on the roads, congestion is avoided and carbon emissions are reduced! Do your part in saving the environment today.


RYDE is the future of mobility, the solution to the current transportation situation in Singapore. Join the social network today. For more information, visit


[Edited by Celeste Lee, RYDE]

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