Six Simple Preparations Before Selling Your Car

When it comes to the sale of a car, majority of us just want to get rid of them as soon as we can get acquire a decent offer while some may look for ways to improve the mechanical aspects if not at least, the esthetics of the vehicle, at minimal cost, in hopes that it could fetch a slightly higher price.

It then begs the question, what can we do to prepare our car before listing it for maximum appeal with minimum amount of effort and cost?



Consider having them waxed, polished and detailed by a reputable outlet. Costing from as low as SGD 100, it’s a cost effective way of possibly commanding a little more SGD's from the sale of your vehicle without costing you an arm a legwhen it's in top shape.



Wash and polish the exterior including the wheels, windows and all chrome or stainless trim. Clean up any polish residue after you're finished to avoid giving the impression you've just cleaned the car up to sell it.


Get in those “hard to reach” areas


While you may be able to part with some SGD’s for a professional detailing session, it’s not common that the little gaps and slits (the areas with the most dirt) gets neglected.


Possibly one of the most neglected areas to clean in a car. Credit:

Roll up those sleeves and apply some elbow grease; to eagle eyed prospective buyers who look into every detail of the car, it provides a healthy first impression. Pay attention to the hinges, boot openings, door sills and also engine bay.


Clear that trash!


To most of us, our cars serves as more than just a mode of transportation. It’s also a mobile wardrobe and sometimes a mobile rubbish bin; well clear out that old bag of chips!

An interior that appears untidy leaves a very negative impression to a prospective buyer as to your approach in car maintenance. Loose items should also be cleared out, whether from the interior or the boot. Rattles and noises are a huge put off during a test drive.


Keep it odour free

Credit: Phil Noble / Reuters

Attention smokers, try not to leave the vehicle reeking of smoke. Better yet, go as far as cleaning the ashtray and in-car lighter even, if possible. Nothing puts off a car buyer more than the thought of it being previously used as chimney.



Airing the car would be a cheap and easy way to go about this but if you’re feeling a little generous, a deodoriser would go a long way to get rid of that smoke house odour.


Self Service

It goes without question that having your serviced before a sale would be a nice gesture to the next owner. But there’re little initiatives that you can embark on like topping the radiator and the windscreen washer reservoir for example.



If you have the patience and eye for it, grab a needle and unclog those washers if possible. It would also be wise to get those tyres inflated to the correct pressure. Imagine a seller rolling up in a car with tyres so low on pressure that it looks like it has melted on the tarmac, how would you feel?


Get it together!

In terms of paper work, service records should be treated like pictures from your vacation. You take them and store them safely so that every now and then, they can be dug out to refresh your memory your “wonderful past experiences”.

Registration papers on the other hand are pictures of you on that vacation. It certifies that you were actually there on that trip to Hawaii but in this context, the rightful owner of the vehicle on sale.



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