The Most Expensive Number Plates in the World

Number plates; to most of us, they’re just there for the sake of legally having the car on the road – and so that cops or speed cameras have something to record. We’re sure that if it’s possible, we’d all rather do without it – no formalities, no extra cost, no hassle. But to a select few, a very select few, these superficial things matter.



Whether it’s for the cool factor or as a status thing, some of us go out of the way to get that “WOW” factor onto, often times, a very “WOW-ed” up car. Financially and mentally (as creativity requires brain juice too), it’s a drain of resources but heck, when you have the money (or time), why not?



So we came up with this compilation of some of the most expensive number plates around the world that we thought would make you wonder, “This people crazy wan ah?”


F1 (UK)


Yeap, just two characters and do you know how much they cost? An eye-watering £440,000! That’s £220,000 (700,000 SGD more or less) per character! This plate was once the most expensive number plate in the world, bought back in 2008 by UK-based businessman Afzal Khan who placed it on his McLaren-Mercedes SLR!



Proving to be a great investment, it was reported that at some point, he was offered 10 million pounds for it, that’s more zero’s in SGD that most of us will ever see in a lifetime. BUT he rejected it and now it’s on a Bugatti Veyron now.


25 O (UK)


Supposedly the most expensive number plate in the UK now, it sold for a record-breaking £518,000 by the DVLA – Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency of the UK, (sort of like our JPJ but probably more efficient) to renowned Ferrari dealer John Collins.

The plate is apparently now sitting on a Ferrari 250SWB (one of the most expensive cars in the world because of its rarity) that itself is worth more than 10 million pounds (also cause it was previously owned by Eric Clapton)! The car plus plate is about 17 million SGD! How many toto first prizes do you have to strike to get that kinda amount?




This plate was sold for £231,000 back in 1993, to give you an idea of how much that is, in 1995, the then New Ferrari 355 was around £130,000. There was even talks about a heated battle in an auction for this number – between people with big money and even bigger egos. Last checked, it now sits on a 1995 Bentley.


VIP 1 (UK)

Guess who’s the owner of this plate? Russian billionaire and Chelsea FC’s sugar daddy, Roman Abramovich. This plate has a very prestigious, it was on the Pope mobile for Pope John Paul II during his visit in Ireland. Now, obviously this very VIP number plate rides around in Roman’s 1993 Rolls Royce Corniche IV Convertible!




1 L0VE U & CH (Hong Kong)

Currently the most expensive number plates in Hong Kong, they both sold for $1.4 million Hong Kong dollars each. Local businessman Pal Lai, and apparently number plate fanatic reportedly spent more than HK$1 million on number plates, buying up plates like L0VE UK1SS U and 0NLY U with M1SS U being his most expensive buy at HK$380,000.



Apart from having a lot of money, we can tell he has lots of love to spare too. Surprisingly, in a city so full of supercars, P0RSCHE and FERRAR1 only went for an inexpensive HK$700,000.


S 32 H (Singapore)

Apparently worth as much as a new 5-bedroom flat in Sengkang, a vintage vehicle registration number was sold in an auction for a disturbing amount of $335,000. Siao ah? Reports have stated that the astronomical price of the number plate was because single-S number plates are super rare. This one in particular was first registered about 70 years ago! Your grandfather also not born yet weh!



What’s even cooler is that apparently this number plate is the 22nd number plate to be registered in the Singaporean private vehicle market. We are aware of the SE 1 X (Sex) number plate around too…wonder how much that’ll fetch? 


For the MOST EXPENSIVE number plate in the world, you’re gonna have to take a seat and buckle down for this:

1 (Abu Dhabi, UAE)


Yes, just the No. 1. For how much you ask? 7 million Pounds! Where you ask? Abu Dhabi of course, the place where crazy people spend crazy money. Although this madness took place in 2008, that’s around 12million SGD in today’s money! For a damn number plate! Gila weh!  Presented on a Pagani Zonda in an auction in Abu Dhabi, assuming that was the car the plate was on, the winning bid went to one Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri who shattered the old record of 3.5 million Pounds for the number 5 plate previously held by one Talal Khoury; the name sounds similar right? He’s Saeed Abdul’s cousin.

When rich families have conflicts, usually it’s FOR money, this family argues WITH money! “I bought it because it’s the best number”, as was reported.

Did we miss out any notable ones? Please make it known!

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