Things to Consider before Buying A Car (Part 2)

Following attention generated from our previous article that discussed the factors to consider before owning a car, we felt compelled to present a continuation of the things you need to consider and look out for before dwelling into the realm of car ownership in Singapore.


Whats the REAL COST of modifications?

"Sorry Sir, but our manufacturer's warranty does not cover non-halal mods."

If you're the type to keep your car in standard form, be sure to have a clear idea of the repercussions it would have to the warranties afforded by the manufacturers. Also, while altering a car's specifications may be an appealing idea, a domino effect of mechanical modifications can be a real strain to your finances.



If you're buying a used car, minor details like anti-theft lock nuts, spare keys, seat condition for example should be kept an eye on despite how trivial they seem to be. These little shortcomings could turn out to be a monetary nightmare when you're looking to replace them.



Constantly ask yourself that question when looking through a car you wish to acquire - if there are niggling doubts as to a certain area or aspect of the car, question it. Being able to determine the possible outcomes of an uncertainty, preferably in the presence of a mechanic, could save you from a hefty bill later on.


Paperwork is boring but they're EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

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Be sure that all the documents related to the vehicle are in order especially if a car is brought in via a parallel importer. It would be wise to have someone who is familiar on the matter to guide you through the courses. Knowing the origins of the car and mechanical history could save you many many SGD's later on.


Don't be afraid to WALK AWAY

If something smells fishy, don't hesitate to walk away. No matter how appealing the offer may appear to be, it would be wise to pull yourself together, take a step back and assess the situation. You really don't want to be caught into a sticky situation that could perhaps land you into all sorts of legal repercussions. Be sure to also sort things out on the insurance front - we don't have to tell you why.


If the deal sounds too good to be true...

...most of the time, it is. As consumers, we have to be savvy and cautious as we only ourselves to trust -  and blame if a deal turns sour from our own neglect and lack of foresight. So be practical, be wise and with enough research and homework done, you'd always be on the safer end of the deal.


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