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If you are active on social media lately, you must have watched the circulating video showing a CityCab taxi driver reversing into a parked car at the open-air carpark at Redhill. The video itself, uploaded just three days ago by Facebook user Evon Lim shows the yellow CityCab reversing itself into a parked Honda Jazz so forcefully that it lifted the car off the ground and caused severe damage to the vehicle's rear door. In the video, the driver then sped off and parked further down the road before the video ends. As of publication, it has been reported that the driver returned to the scene to deliver his particulars to the car's owner. Taxi operator ComfortDelgro has also terminated the hired driver for his recklessness on the matter.


Omg, dear cabby, better faster go n admit

Posted by Evon Lim on Monday, 4 April 2016


In this case, it is fortunate that nobody was hurt in the vehicle during the accident, but what happens after? What if your parked car was damaged by a fallen tree, stuck in a flood or even stolen? How does car insurance factor into all of this? We take a look at the car insurance types and what they cover.

  • There are many types of car insurance and what it covers include the minimum and full range of coverage. The minimum car insurance that you can get is the Personal Liability and Property Damage Insurance or PLPD for short. If the driver is at fault, this insurance covers damage caused to others by your vehicle and also includes the other person's medical bills sustained during the collision, and property damage like street signs and other damaged vehicles.
  • Collision Insurance on the other hand is similar to PLPD but applies to your car when you are at fault in a collision involving your car and other vehicles and property. In view of the recent taxi driver case, this insurance would apply. Pothole damages is also covered by this insurance.
  • There is also Comprehensive Insurance that covers your car damages that have not be caused by collisions, but rather by fire, falling objects, vandalism, animals and natural disasters like floods and rockslides. Car theft and inexplicable damage to your parked car also falls in this category.
  • Full Coverage Insurance is a combination of all the above coverage insurances but will be the most expensive.
  • Apart from the usual insurances, there are also specialised options for your car that also provide roadside services or stolen property within your vehicle.


So what car insurance do you think suits you best? While car insurance and its parts protect and covers damages, we feel that none can heal serious bodily harm or in some cases replace loss of life.

This can be seen in the tragic accident in 2012 at Rochor Road that took the lives of Japanese woman Ms Ito and taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock when the taxi they were in was crashed into by a Ferrari 599 GTO. Travelling at over 178km/h, the red supercar driven by 31 year-old Chinese national Ma Chi beat the red light during the early hours of the morning. And while the case has reached a settlement, the loss of lives can never be replaced when drivers decide to break traffic laws.


We at Carsome believe in road safety and responsible driving at all times.


This article was produced in collaboration with GoBear, an easy-to-use comparison site for all types of insurance.

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