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  Owning a car can be very costly, especially when there are so many fees that need to be paid outside of the car. When there’s an opportunity to get rebates, we naturally try to maximize the amount of rebate…read more »

  The Volkswagen Jetta is a quiet, unassuming car. Despite housing a 1.4l TSI twincharged engine, delivering 122 PS to bring you to a maximum speed of 202 km/h, it blends in nicely in the city, taking you to work…read more »

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Compact MPV; which is the middle ground between a MPV and a sedan. They are the talk of the town now. The idea of having the practicality of a MPV and also the drivability of a regular sedan is sort…read more »

​ Who remembers the First Gen Nissan X-Trail? To the current generation, we were either still in school or in our diapers when that rugged-looking thing came out in Malaysia back in 2003. With close to 20,000 sold in Malaysia…read more »

We all have bought a car from a dealership at some point in our lives, or we may be soon. Buying a car can be a tricky process, and one factor that makes it even trickier is having a sneaky…read more »

Following attention generated from our previous article that discussed the factors to consider before owning a car, we felt compelled to present a continuation of the things you need to consider and look out for before dwelling into the realm…read more »

There are different types of vehicles for various purposes. There are cars that go fast. Cars that carry more than five and cars that are able to cross difficult terrain amongst other varieties. But how about cars that are able…read more »

Credit: When it comes to choosing the colour for your car, whether for a new purchase or a respray,  the choices are based on how it appeals to our eyes. In other words, the heart wants what the heart…read more »

Credit: Recent news reports of a steady increase in quota for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) and the ever-expanding demographic looking to purchase vehicles from Parallel Importers’ (PI’s) has raised alarms for some quarters of the Authorised Distributors' (AD’s),…read more »

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