Credit: Jaguar Car terminologies today can be confusing to understand, especially when there are options out there that encompass Front Wheel Drive (FWD), Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), Four Wheel Drive (4WD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD). What is the difference…read more »

In an age where everything is done via remote, sensors or through the net, it comes as no surprise when cars of today can provide such a luxury if you can afford them of course. Here’s a few cool car…read more »

​ Who remembers the First Gen Nissan X-Trail? To the current generation, we were either still in school or in our diapers when that rugged-looking thing came out in Malaysia back in 2003. With close to 20,000 sold in Malaysia…read more »

Number plates; to most of us, they’re just there for the sake of legally having the car on the road – and so that cops or speed cameras have something to record. We’re sure that if it’s possible, we’d all…read more »

Car prices. Mention this to any Singaporean or Malaysian, and you’ll get a long list of complaints and if you’ve time to sit down into a constructive debate, you’ll probably come out flummoxed about its structure. Singapore has its Certificate…read more »

China, the land of random spitting, endless deserted properties and dog-eating festivals is now also the WORLD’S LARGEST ECONOMY. But the effects have long been around – everywhere you look, every item you’re holding, using or wearing bears the “Made…read more »

Cars. It is the quintessential method of moving around, and Singaporeans themselves love to travel. With a vehicle, it provides freedom to move, even travel across the border to Malaysia's open roads and visit heritage states like Malacca or Penang.…read more »

Credit: Recent news reports of a steady increase in quota for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) and the ever-expanding demographic looking to purchase vehicles from Parallel Importers’ (PI’s) has raised alarms for some quarters of the Authorised Distributors' (AD’s),…read more »

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Audi's new, more efficient All-Wheel Drive System. Credit: Before, the AWD system was seen as a means of performance – in that it provided the much-needed traction for cars of superior power output to translate into sheer acceleration without the…read more »

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