As the world becomes increasingly aware of the effects of glut fossil fuel consumption, the automotive sector in particular hasn’t been short of measures to ensure that their vehicles produce more mileage per tank of fuel. One of them, possibly…read more »

Previously in our article on What is – Auto Stop-Start System, we talked about what it was, how it works and briefly, its origins. As the system gains prominence, even amongst our local manufacturers, we decided to weigh in on the…read more »

Chevron Singapore has introduced the country’s first fuel payment app that offers Caltex’s fastest and easiest mode of payment yet. Aptly named CaltexGO, the mobile payment app delivers an alternative hassle-free refuelling experience from the comfort of your car.  …read more »

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For two weekends beginning 21st to 23rd December and 28th to 30th December 2018, Shell customers will be able to enjoy Shell’s V-Power Nitro+ at the price of Shell’s FuelSave 98. Shell’s V-Power Weekend promotion is back by popular demand!…read more »

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Shell Singapore has launched its latest fuel formulation called Dynaflex Technology across the FuelSave and V-Power range. Developed for engine efficiency, Dynaflex Technology helps drivers keep their engine clean and protected for an efficient drive.   An example of a…read more »

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If you have missed Shell’s V-Power weekend, this coming 28th to 30th June 2019 will be the last weekend for Shell customers to enjoy Shell’s V-Power at the price of Shell’s FuelSave 98! In April 2019, Shell Singapore launched its…read more »

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Shell Singapore has launched Shell Recharge at the Sengkang station, a first for Singapore and Southeast Asia. EV (Electric Vehicle) owners and drivers can now stop by to recharge using the 50kW rapid DC chargers that provide 80% charge from…read more »

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