Credit: bbc, top gear Handling is a subjective matter. Yes, it's heavily dependant on your car's capabilities and also partly on your talent behind the wheel, but if a car is built with the kind of wobbliness that even jelly…read more »

Generally when looking to get a car, potential owners look for that specific model that they’ve been eyeing or have done some research on. It could be that sporty hatchback, C-segment sedan or even a full sized MPV for your…read more »

Singaporeans love toying with their cars; there’s just no question there. Whether it’s with stickers or spoilers, chrome bits or body kits, the abundance of aftermarket options make it a temptation that’s hard to resist; ESPECIALLY for first time car…read more »

Credit: Everything that’s new is always given that much more care and attention than it probably requires. Take a new car for example – it would be washed every week, the exhaust tips would be scrubbed and the air…read more »

In our previous posting, we explained the different aspects of a wheel and its form of measurements. In this article, we focus on what the effects are, should you decide to upgrade to bigger wheels. Bigger doesn’t always mean better…read more »

Credit: Despite our country implementing an immensely strict approach to the modification of our cars, it has not deterred most of us to embrace our inner petrolheads to take things up a notch with aftermarket accessories on our vehicle.…read more »

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