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Frequently Asked Questions

View answers for commonly asked questions in this section; or you can call/email us and even live chat with us from Mon-Fri 9am-6pm.

  • How do I sell my car on offers you the smartest, easiest and best way to sell your car at a fair price. No more wasting your time by advertising your car and start saving yourself plenty of troubles by avoiding the haggling and other hassles.

    All you have to do is enter your contact details, NRIC/FIN number and your car license plate number into our online form here and our friendly Carsome team will call you up to book an appointment for a FREE* inspection. During the appointment, one of our skilled inspection experts will perform a free and no-obligation 188-point car inspection of your car and examine all important factors, such as overall condition or special equipments, which could even increase the value of your car.

    Your car will be put up for bidding by Certified Carsome Dealers within 1 day - and if you're happy with the offer after the auction closes, we'll proceed with the transaction. Don't worry about the processes - we'll facilitate the entire process to ensure that you face zero hassle. :)

    *SGD 100.00 is applicable if you wish to purchase the 188-point car inspection report (market price: SGD 188.00) from Carsome.

  • Why should I choose is the quickest and easiest way to sell your used car. Save yourself plenty of time & effort, and get the best offer for your used car based on the transparent assessment by our inspection experts, all under 60 minutes.

    Your benefits from choosing
    · Our service is 100% free-of-charge
    · Hassle-free from advertising your used car online and dealing with potential buyers
    · No time-consuming process of answering calls and making appointments with potentially (not-seriously) interested buyers
    · No risk of devaluation while you try to sell your car
    · Fair offers, easy process and quick payment 

  • Is there a transaction fee that I have to pay?

    No, there is no transaction fee at all. Carsome's service is completely free-of-charge for you.

    In case if you wish to get a copy of your 188-point car inspection report without proceeding to sell your car to us, you can get the report at only SGD 100.00 (market price: SGD 188.00). Please check with the Carsome personnel present during the inspection on this.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Once you've submitted your contact details, NRIC/FIN number and your vehicle license plate number, our Carsome team / representative will give you a call within 24h to book for an inspection appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

  • What documents are required?

    Please prepare the following documents and bring them with you to the inspection appointment: 
    - Original NRIC/FIN
    - Transaction pin (unopened) from LTA
    - Outstanding bank loan documentation (if any). Failure to provide this during the inspection appointment might slow down the transaction process (up to 48h or more)

  • What is the process of the appointment?

    Please bring along the following documentation:
    · Original NRIC
    · Outstanding bank loan documentation (if any)*

    The whole inspection should not take longer than 60 minutes. One of our trained inspection experts will conduct a thorough 188-point inspection of your car, which includes a short test drive. The test drive allows us to determine the realistic value of your car.

    We will then offer to put your car up for bidding by our Carsome Certified Dealers based on your reserve price. After the bidding and if the offer appeals to you and you agree to sell to the highest bid, we will proceed with the transaction with the selected Carsome Certified Dealer and complete all the necessary paperwork for the sale.

    *The transaction process might take longer than 48 hours if you do not provide the outstanding bank loan documentation during inspection.

  • How do you calculate the value of my car?

    Our experience in used car buying as well as our comprehensive market knowledge allow us to evaluate cars realistically and with concern to the current market situation.

    Our on-site 188-point car assessment by our skilled inspection professionals allows us to give you a realistic and fair offer.

    In any case if you do not wish to sell your car to us after the inspection, just let us know on the spot. If you still wish to get hold of the 188-point car inspection report of your car, you can get it at SGD 100.00 from us - kindly check with the Carsome personnel that's present during the inspection.

  • What happen after I agree to sell my car?

    Once you've agreed to sell your car to us, we will proceed to setup an appointment with your selected Carsome Certified Dealer for payment and take care of all the paperwork involved.

    You'll also get a copy of your 188-point car inspection report free-of-charge.

  • What if my outstanding finance is higher than the car value?

    If the outstanding finance makes up for more than what the car is worth, we will still offer to buy your car. When we purchase it, you can pay the shortfall by cash.

  • Can I sell a car on behalf of a company?

    Yes, we will need you to bring along the following documents:

    - Photo identification (NRIC/FIN) of the person bringing the car.
    - Outstanding bank loan documentation (if any). Failure to provide this during the inspection appointment might slow down the transaction process (up to 48h or more).
    - Authorization letter or Power of Attorney from Board of Directors signed by the company director giving authorisation for you to sell on their behalf.
    - BizFile printout valid up to 14 days from date of issue of ACRA.
    - Original NRIC/FIN or Passport (foreigner other than Malaysian) of the Director/Sole-proprietor/Partner whose name is shown on ACRA printout
    - Transaction pin (unopened) from LTA
    - All sets of car keys, if available.
    - All service history, if available. 

    Further documentation may be required, which you will be advised during the inspection appointment.

  • Can I sell a car on behalf of a family member or friend?

    Yes. If you are selling on behalf of a relative or a friend, we require the following:
    - A letter of authorization from the vehicle owner.
    - Owner's bank account details. The money will be transferred to the owner's bank account, matching the name on the car’s registration details.
    - Original NRIC/FIN of the owner as well as the person selling the vehicle on his/her behalf.
    - Transaction pin (unopened) from LTA
    - Outstanding bank loan documentation (if any). Failure to provide this during the inspection appointment might slow down the transaction process (up to 48h or more).